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Astral Digital Currency Account

Be one of the first to start spending & saving your digital assets with Astral.
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Simplified Blockchain Finance

Astral provides the gateway that will allow you to spend better, earn more and elevate your finances to new levels by taking advantage of decentralized finance protocols and systems, all powered by blockchain.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. Sign up for our debit card waiting list now and stay informed of our latest release dates.


Some of the immediate features you can expect with your account

£100m Insurance

Your account balance is fully secured and insured against malicious activity.

On & off ramp

Seamlessly top-up and withdraw digital currencies from your Astral account

International transfers

Receive and send payments globally using your Astral account IBAN or to other Astral users

High interest saving

Earn a market beating interest rate on your savings and balances stored in your Astral account

Finance loans

Access instant low-interest credit lines using your digital assets as collateral

Virtual cards

Create and manage disposable virtual cards to organise your payments.

Transaction history

Be able to access a consolidated and organised view of your transactions and payments

Smart notifications

Learn when and where your transactions are going and where they are being received from

Transfer directly to your wallets

Make transactions freely to your digital asset wallets

Unlock digital currencies for your day-to-day expenses